Apply Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Apply Canada Permanent Residence Visa in 2019

Do you know how to apply Canada Permanent Residence Visa in 2019 ? Canada is a lovely and attractive country. Like few of the other Countries in the World, Canada also provides permanent migration – Canada Permanent Residence Visa. But without accurate knowledge, the processing of a Canada PR Visa can be risky and lengthy. This article signifies the procedure, requirements, process for Canada immigration. Before going through with the process, it is better to know the important information of Canada Permanent Residence visa.

Important information for Canada Permanent Visa Application 2019

Express Entry (EE):

It is the new electronically governed selection process for Canadian PR programs. The skilled professionals are selected for immigration to Canada via this process. Nowadays the Express Entry system is considered the only formal process for permanent immigration to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

PNP allows province and territories to nominate prospective immigrants who will live and work in the specific province in Canada to contribute their skill. PNP often gives more preference for those who have a strong tie (relations, family or friends) or those that manage to get a job from the Province or Territory.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):

This is the most vital selection process. The CRS ranks eligible candidates for the visa process and the highest ranking candidates will be invited to apply immigrate to Canada. CRS total points are the number of determinant factor that decides the ranking of an applicant in the Express Entry pool to receive an ITA to apply for Canada Permanent Residence visa.

Canada PR Visa Eligibility & Requirements:

Not everyone can apply for a Canadian immigration through the Express Entry system. There are many more criteria such as Age, Qualification, Language ability, and adaptability factors to name a few.

Three Immigration programs are there that someone can be eligible to apply. They are:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades.
  3. Canadian Experience Class.

Some deal breaker for Canadian permanent immigration

If someone does not possess the minimum language skill requirement or work experience (either Canadian work experience or international work experience) or any specialized skill, then the process will be rejected by the Express Entry system