How to Increase CRS Points

How to Increase CRS Points

Improve Comprehensive Ranking System – After completing Express Entry profile all applicants will get a score based on four major factors such as

a) Core/ human Capital -Age, Education, language proficiency (can be either English or French or both) and Canadian Work experience if any

b) Spouse or common-law partner factors – Spouse’s qualification, spouse’s language proficiency (can be either English or French), spouse’s Canadian,

c) Skill transferability factors – Education and Work experience and

d) additional points – siblings,  French proficiency, Canadian education, Arranged employment or Provincial or territorial nomination.

This score is known as Comprehensive Ranking System points. Though there is no minimum threshold required to enter Express Entry pool; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada issues ITA to highest ranked applicants in the pool, therefore applicant with lower CRS score can increase their score by adding perfection to their profile.