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As an immigration consultant, the person is likely to help others to immigrate from one place to another with the help of legal procedures and other relevant documentation processes. Generally, a person immigrates due to any one or more of the following reasons – such as live and work, study, business or simply travel. KAN Visa Directions is 1st ranked immigration consultant in Delhi.

Role of Immigration Consultants

  • An immigration consultant is an expert, thus, you can be rest assured that the process for obtaining your visa is fully legitimate and would not draw any legal action against you in any case.
  • An Immigration Consultant also ensures that all their actions are responsible and legitimate in nature so that the client does not face any complication while processing the visa application.
  • An Immigration Consultant should interact with clients and share all necessary details regarding the eligibility criteria of the chosen visa category before starting the process.
  • An Immigration Consultant must get the assurance from the client that all the information provided by the client is accurate, so this will help in making further proper documents related to the purpose.
  • As an Immigration Consultant, we always aim to maintain a healthy, professional relationship; therefore the onus is on us to maintain a cordial relationship with the applicant and other colleagues as to be a part of effectual goal seeking procedure.
  • A consultant should also be able to interact with relevant officials in cases of emergencies or other necessities during the process of obtaining a visa.

How To Choose Best Canada PR Consultant

Immigration is not an easy affair, to be handled by a layman. Therefore, there are specialists who are experts in these matters, and they will help you handle the tedious situations of obtaining a Visa. They are called immigration consultants.

Getting a visa can be quite hectic when you are trying to relocate to another country for any purpose, be it PR, Study, work or simply for the sake of traveling. Over the years the norms or immigration have been liberal though, yet the whole process requires a lot of documentation and other relevant formalities.

As an immigration PR consultant, they are likely to assist you in going through the whole process of immigration. Owing to the fact that no country would like to compromise on any data not presented by the Visa applicant before he gets an approval on the visa application for that country, a consultant makes sure that all demands of the authorities are met properly.

Tips On Choosing The Right Immigration Consultant

  • It is very important that you come in contact with the right immigration consultants so that your immigration process is carried out in a proper manner. Therefore, before selecting a consultant, the following points should be considered.
  • You should be very careful about choosing your immigration consultant and be aware of the fraudsters and other irrelevant agencies that claim to be genuine. There are people who mislead the applicants very easily; therefore it is advisable to think wisely before considering all the relevant points and then drawing a conclusion.
  • In order to avoid getting misled by people, it is best to go for a registered consultancy service. They are the trusted bodies and are also registered to the immigration regulatory body of that particular country which you are about to relocate. Opting for a genuine consultant will save you both time and energy as well as financial losses.
  • You may also contact a consultancy firm so as to get the right guidance for the immigration process. The firm is likely to be reliable and a registered body which is home to experts who are qualified enough and have relevant experience in the field of immigration.
  • When you are applying for a permanent residence visa, make sure that your immigration consultant doesn’t offer you any job or promises of any kind of job abroad. These people are very likely to be fraudsters, and it is advisable to stay away from such agents who lure applicants for the sole purpose of monetary gain.
  • Do not go for freelancers or agents who do not have a firm base or are not accredited to any institution or do not have an office. They are most likely to cheat the applicants. A registered office with proper officers should be preferred over single agents.
  • Lastly, when you have come in contact with any immigration consultant, it is always important to get a thorough check of the background. However, make sure that you are referring to some trusted resources in order to get your consultant checked. The best way is to check for testimonials of other clients who already got their visas. Another way of possible the mouth messages or feedback from people who have availed the services before, is the most genuine feedback you will ever receive.

In a nutshell, an Immigration PR consultant is like a savior to the layman by helping him in traversing through the process of documentation in a legitimate and proper manner. However, choosing the right consultant is also important in order to avoid any discrepancies that arise later.

Why KAN Visa Directions Top Immigration Consultants In Delhi/NCR?

A top immigration consultant is likely to be an Expert professional who is so skilled in order to guide you through the legal procedures of obtaining a Visa for your relocating purpose in a convenient manner. KAN Visa Directions is one such effective Most Trusted registered Immigration consultant regarding Visa and immigration. It works lawfully and is entrusted with the responsibility of getting a Visa for its clientele within a stipulated period of time with an unbeatable success rate of Visa approvals. At KAN Visa Directions you get a chance to interact with the most experienced Immigration Consultants who can help you to understand the entire process in a perfect manner before you invest your money towards registration.

Best Countries To Immigrate From India
Immigration is the relocation of individuals from one country to another. It is usually in the backdrop of a common goal of a better standard of living, new job opportunities, and higher studies or merely for traveling purposes. While many countries are shutting the door for outsiders citing that they are making and widening space for their own citizens, there are certainly other countries as well, who are opening doors for immigrants from India who are skilled and motivated to work more. The first step towards relocating is to identify the needs of your travel and then you must check for the educational requirements and make sure you meet them in order to apply for the Visa. The migration rules are not constant and therefore you need to be updated regarding the same before applying. Moreover, you may also consult Top immigration consultants in Delhi for the same.

Below Mentioned Are Three Top Countries For Immigration From India

Canada Immigration
With the USA closing doors for Indians, Canada is coming up with liberal sanctions, especially for Indians. As it is said, one man’s loss is another’s gain. So, for several reasons now Indians are resorting to Canada now. The people there are more tolerant and multi-cultural, due to which it has been easier in dealing with them. As a result, newer job and business opportunities are also stacking up. The education system is very smooth and goes for an easier approach. Both the primary and secondary education is free and thereafter the education is sponsored. It is no wonder that the crime rates are lower than most other countries in the world.

So, if you are applying for a PR Visa for Canada, you will be granted points for each criterion they have set, such as age, work experience, language skills etc. the cumulative score is calculated by adding all the individual scores allotted for each criterion. Accordingly, the Visa will be allotted to the individuals.

There is a point based criteria based on the age factor and concerning Qualification, the minimum educational qualification should be a diploma or bachelor’s degree; however, there is no upper limit. A relevant experience in the work field is preferred, though there is no strict regulation regarding it. Reportedly, Canada is the most sought-after country to live in now, and more than 1 million Indians are already residing there.

Australia Immigration
In the last couple of years, Australia was the second most sought-after country after the USA. There are many reasons why people want to move to Australia; the first reason being its economic state. Even though the global financial crisis, this country retained its posture by providing the necessary infrastructure to the students and businesses therein, as and when required.
Similar to Canada, Australia also has a point based marking system in order to allot Australian PR Visa to the applicants. Various categories are classified under this system; they are age, educational qualification, relevant work experience, dependent family members, etc. All of these are considered and marks are allotted against each criterion separately, and then all of them are added to form a cumulative score. This score is the basis of allotting the visas to the applicants.
The quality of life offered by the country along with the educational standards at universities and various career opportunities, lower crime rate and an excellent climate with mild winters; all together have made up for an excellent choice of relocation for the Indians. By now, Indians are almost more than 2.7% of the Australian population.

New-Zealand Immigration
Yet another popular destination; and Indians have been relocating to New Zealand as well. A few years back, when there was a global recession, New Zealand was almost an exception, as if recession narrowly escaped its fate.
Indians are sorting to migrate to New Zealand due to a number of reasons, ranging from the individual viewpoints to the global viewpoints as a whole. This country has been known for its low personal tax structure, which is supposedly the lowest in the world.
Additionally, considering the living standards, New Zealand has some of the most exciting and beautiful scenic beauties of the world combined with a subtropical climate that makes it a pleasant stay. The land is quite abundant here, and thus free space makes land comparatively cheaper. Plenty of space also calls for multiple sporting activities; hence New Zealand is known to be one of the best countries for bringing up children.
Every country has different migration rules, and therefore, there are certain criteria that are to be fulfilled in order to be eligible to be issued a Visa. Furthermore, there are other requirements too which need to be fulfilled, such as age, educational qualification, work experience, language skills. These entire criterions are considered and then the Visas have been issued accordingly to the applicants. Once you are selected, you can get a Skilled Migrant Visa to live and work.
A few years back in the line, New Zealand had registered around 12, 000 immigrants solely from India. This figure has risen to more than 180, 000 Indians already, who are permanent residents of New Zealand now.

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