Trump’s four pillars of immigration reforms

US President Donald Trump wants Merit based Immigration

US President Donald Trump attended the first state of Union Address on Wednesday. In this Union Address, he focused on the merit-based immigration module, justifying the importance of an updated immigration system in 21st century.

In his 80 minutes long speech, Trump tried to polarize the need for a peer organization module, where both Democrats and Republicans will work together with shared objectives. He reflected the critical issues caused due to the illegal immigrants – Dreamers and thus proposed four pillars of immigration system.

The First pillar of immigration reform represents the merit-based immigration module, where the country gets the reform as per its needs. The aspiring immigrants have to satisfy the educational and work requirements in order to avail valid immigration. Trump stated that this will greatly help the US society to build good moral character in the nation.

The second pillar focuses on building a wall on the Southern border, i.e with Mexico. In order to restrict the entry of criminals and terrorists, it is really important to execute the second pillar of immigration reform.

The third pillar indicated the end of the Visa lottery system. Thus, no individual will be eligible to get a green card randomly. Trump stated that, everyone who is looking to grab valid immigration in the US, need to face the specified immigration procedures.

The final or the fourth pillar of Immigration justified the need for ending the chain migration system. Under this plan, the families have to restrict the immigration sponsorships to minor children as well as spouses.

With these four pillars of immigration, Donald Trump ensured a modern, safe and lawful immigration system in US.