USA Temporary Visa

B1 B2 Visa Overview

Visitor visa holder B-1/B-2 is for the category of people travelling to United States occasionally for business purposes i.e. B-1 category of visa and if for any medical or general visit then B-2 visa category is used. Specifically the B-1 visa is particularly for travelers regarding any business association, scientific meetings, and educational, business conventions/conferences. B-2 visa is for those who travel to see the natural beauty which includes visiting friends and family, tourism purposes, medical treatment or for any kind of social or practical nature activities. Most of the time B-1 and B-2 visa are combined together and issued as B-1/B-2 visa.

(B1) Business Visitor Visa:

If you are planning to travel to US for any business convention or any seminar, contract negotiation, meetings with business clients, selling or buying any estate. Personal or domestic people should apply for this particular visa if they are going with any of their employer an US citizen who is based abroad and visits US temporarily and may be if they are accompanying any foreign citizen employer who stays in US through a non- immigrant visa.

(B2) Visitor Visa–Pleasure, Tourism or Medical Treatment:

If you are planning to travel to US for visiting friends or relatives, various tourist purposes, medical treatment or for participation in any musical or sports events for no particular payment.

US Department of State i.e. DOS and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have strict instructions for letting people to enter US. It is important that each prospective candidate apply for visa in the pre defined category by using correct Application forms. If you fail to submit the form accurately it can result in visa delay or denials. Failure in submitting correct documents or lying regarding your application can lead to complete denial and most probably the candidate is not allowed to apply for a US visa for duration of 10 years.

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