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The most trusted leading worldwide Immigration Service provider and affiliated partner office of KAN Immigration Services which is one of the largest renowned Immigration law firm based in Canada. We offer professional and legal assistance to get settle permanently to the most developed countries in the world. The Firm is established to provide supreme Visa Immigration services and known for the excellent track record of delivering the paramount quality work. The group of Immigration Professionals and Legal representatives at KAN-Visa Direction assist you to solve all legal aspect included in the immigration procedure.

This Visitor visa allows you to stay in Australia for a defined time limit.

We have been rated as Best Immigration Service provider for –
  • Paramount quality work with transparency
  • High success rate
  • Dedication, Knowledge & Commitment
  • Provide Worldwide Immigration options
  • Visa assistance from ICCRC, MARA registered professionals
  • Act honestly and fairly in Applicants best interests under current legislation
  • Free telephonic and email consultation both from our most experienced
  • immigration professionals
  • Handled successfully many complicated applications
  • Most genuine visa counseling with prominent process guidance



We assist you to immigrate based on various Immigration programs eligibility.

Canada Express Entry
Australian Skilled Immigration
New Zealand Skilled Migration
Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

At KAN-Visa Direction our experienced Immigration Consultants firstly aims to understand the skill set of the applicant to help with the best suitable option as per the demand of a Country and you are served with World’s best Immigration service without pricking a hole in your pocket in terms of service charges . Our team is immensely dedicated and focused to provide our clients with best services who are looking forward to migrate on Permanent Resident (PR) through Skilled, State Sponsorship or Family, Business, Investor, Self-employed and Temporary Resident through Skilled, Student and Visit Visa to the following countries: Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Denmark and to name a few.

But before that let’s focus on the perks you’ll have while immigrating with our services to the desired Country. These are as follows:

Our Professional Expertise: The ability to maintain the quality is called Professionalism. Our never expiring Experience makes our services and values strong and an overall rich in quality for the clients. Our consultation and communicative ability transforms a normal procedure into a hit among the clients which showcase our sense of responsibility.

Great possibility of success: With our services and processing techniques the success rate for your visa acceptance probably rises to new levels. Our experience with certain law sections of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations succor us to prove to the Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism & the Canadian department of Citizenship and Immigration regarding the applicant’s work experience by well-established laws. Our team will deal all the queries and issues you might face while document verification by communicating with Immigration Authorities and let you engage in other important aspects rather than worrying about the verification process.

Consultation and Transparency: All through your processing stage for immigration we at KAN-Visa direction are with you and you can enquire about anything related to your immigration through calls, emails like status of immigration or progress. Due to routine changes in government laws you need to stay updated for your Visa so you never miss out any supreme information.

Taking the extra mile: Our prior aim is to build a never ending client and consultant relationship with our services. Hence we take every extra step that is required to fulfill all their migration goals with our long term assistance and services.

Why to Immigrate?

People immigrate for many different reasons. These reasons can be categorized as economic, social, political or environmental. People immigrate to developed Countries to find better Career path, to have better living, better education, social benefits etc. The gap between the developed Countries and under developed Countries increases year by year, as a result people immigrate to developed Countries in order to have stable earnings, better employment opportunities and higher standards of living. In today’s time most of the parents often send their children abroad for further studies so that their children can have a better career prospects and lifestyle but by Immigrating to a new Country through Skilled Immigration you can always get access to subsidized education for your children. Also people seek to live in a better environment where one can get limited access of pure water, organic food, pollution free environment etc.

If you would like to get such opportunities, you can reach us for Assessment.

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