Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry program 2015 has transformed the Canadian Immigration system into a new rise. It is primarily known as the new selection procedure for Canada Immigration. It specifically focuses on Skilled Workers that can be immigrated to Canada. The Express Entry Process of Canada is a new generation electronically governed procedure which has involvement of Provincial Governments, Federal Government and Canadian Employers.

The selection process has brought a 360 degree change in the whole procedure. Through Express Entry System skilled and potentially able applicants secure an Invitation To Apply (ITA) from Canadian Government under the Draw rounds to apply for a Canada PR Visa from India to make Canada their home.

Canada Express Entry 2024 To 2026: Comprehensive Ranking System And Latest Express Entry Draw Points.

Latest Immigration Levels Plan 2024 to 2026

Immigration Class 2024 2025 2026
Economic 281,135 301,250 301,250
Family 114,000 118,000 118,000
Refugee 76,115 72,750 72,750
Humanitarian 13,750 8,000 8,000
Total 485,000 500,000 500,000

Invitation for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa Application

What is Express Entry System?

Express Entry is an online fast-track system used by the Canadian Government to manage and process the applications applied under the economic immigration programs.

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

To apply through the Express Entry System, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for one of the economic immigration programs.

How to apply through Express Entry?

There are basic three steps to apply for a Canada PR Visa through Express Entry System. The first step is to submit your profile in the EE pool with the below mentioned details-

  • Language proficiency test report
  • Educational credential assessment report
  • A passport or travel document

Based on the Express Entry profile details, the applicant will get assigned a rank in the pool which is known as CRS. After so, the applicant can participate in the Express Entry Draws in order to receive an Invitation to Apply to apply for the Canada PR Visa.

How to determine the eligibility to apply under Express Entry?

To be eligible to apply under Express Entry the applicant should meet the eligibility under any one of the economic immigration programs. The individuals with valid work experience, university or college degrees and moderate language proficiency in English or French can apply through Express Entry.

To check your eligibility please submit your details here free online assessment.

How to increase your CRS Score for Canada Express Entry?

When you are ready to represent yourself in an accurate manner in your express entry profile, you should go for it.

Language is a perfect example of an efficient representative in the CRS that can be of more than or up to 290 CRS points. For an individual working or standing as a federal skilled worker in order to get an entry in the express entry pool, CLB7 is the minimum Canadian language benchmark that should be the liability of the individual in all terms like reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

The level of highest language for which the points will be awarded in the CRS is CLB 10.


Language has different values because it is counted for the points in numerous sections like:

  • In between the additional factors.
  • In between the skill-transferability combinations.
  • In between the human capital factors.

A CLB of total 9 or more than that is required in the 4 language abilities like listening, speaking, reading, and writing so as to get the maximum of 50 points.

Getting the ability scores below the benchmark of CLB 9 can stop you from getting your 50 points.


When you are talking about Education, the points can be up to 230 CRS points and it can be enhanced with the help of additional credentials like finishing another degree or achieving additional educational credential assessments for the ongoing studies.

Assess Spouse profile to be a principal applicant

If you are married, it would benefit you if you compare your partner’s CRS scores as the principal applicant.

At times, a primary applicant CRS score can come less as compared to that of the accompanied partner’s. In these circumstances, it is recommended for the spouse to be the principal applicant.

Working Experience

Achieving proper work experience and other documenting ongoing work experience can help in the increase of the candidate’s CRS score.

Proactive preparation

No matter what your CRS score is, it is important that everyone should be in the Express Entry Pool in a proactive way preparing for the ITA or provincial nomination. Know how to increase CRS Score

Express entry provincial nominee Programs (PNP)

These are among the several programs that:

Do not prefer the CRS score of a candidate among all the eligibility and requirements.

Available for the individuals that do not have ties with Canada such as previous work experience or qualification from Canada, Offer of employment or Relative in Canada.

PNP tries to play a prominent role when it comes to economic immigration to Canada.

The questions that come in one’s mind related to Express Entry are:

  • What is ITA?
  • How do I get an ITA?
  • Documents that I need
  • Accepting or expiration of ITA
  • How can I decline an ITA?

Procedure to become a resident of Canada on Permanent basis

Are you planning to move to Canada and want to become a part of it? Well, the process is now straightforward to get Canada permanent Residence Visa as there are fewer complications in the entire circulations. People are dreaming of doing long-term business and to live a happy life with better employment opportunities there, but many fail with their ideas as the rules are very hard to follow. But, now the Express Entry Canada has made it quick and easy to be a part of this fascinating destination.

Once you are added to the EE pool, then the application will be selected based on the CRS scoring, where the ranking always fluctuates. At KAN Visa Directions we will ensure that we create the profile most accurately along with all detailed credentials.

But, the thing which is necessary to follow is to enter the details correctly without messing up one with the others, and by including all the requirements in Canada’s economic immigration programs. If you fail to satisfy the requirements as per the Immigration standards, then you may lose the golden chance. The Invitation to apply (ITA) is a must which will be recorded as a proof that you have been selected from thousands and be given the opportunity of becoming a part of Canada by applying for a PR visa.

Benefits of Express Entry System

  • Faster Entry
  • Better job opportunities
  • Easier access to immigration
  • Steadier process

What is Canada Express Entry Job Bank Registration?

After applying to the express entry pool through the online process a Personal Reference Number will be generated. With the help of this reference id, the aspirant can submit a resume for Canada Job Bank.

Canada Job Bank is a compiled association of numerous job sites all across Canada. Few of the job websites are listed here which are connected to Canada Job Bank these are: Workopolis,, WorkBC, and Monster (application mode is either through website or email or in person).The candidate can apply to any of the mentioned company through website or can submit his resume using the Personal reference number generated after successful submission of online express entry pool.

How much does the Express Entry process cost?

The cost of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry is about $2,300 CAD for a single applicant, or about $4,500 CAD for a couple. The breakdown of costs includes,

  • Canada PR application fee per adult  –  $950, per child dependent – $260
  • Right of permanent residence fee per adult – $575
  • Biometric fee per person – $85
  • Per family – $170 (2 or more people)
  • Per group – $255 (3 or more performing artists)

Please note the above mentioned fee is excluding ECA, Language Proficiency Test fee and third party fees such as Medical examination, PCC fee and all.

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