British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Canada’s westernmost Province, British Colombia is known for its majestic mountain ranges and Pacific coastline. It is Canada’s one of the most diverse provinces and is a hub of cultural diversity and economic growth. With its expansive forests and unique coastal climate, this province has become one of the most fascinating provinces in Canada and attracts millions of immigrants annually.

British Colombia follows BC PNP so as to pick the talented and skillful workers who can contribute to its economy. Through this program, the immigrant can receive a BC Provincial Nomination Certificate that permits him to apply for the permanent residency. It allows basically two main streams that are:

Skills Immigration (Includes Express entry British Colombia)

This stream is further divided into 5 categories.

  • Skilled worker category

As the name implies, this category is designed for those workers who have received the full time job offer in any of the skilled occupations.

  • Healthcare professional category

Such category allows healthcare professionals such as nurse, physicians, psychiatric nurses and other ailed healthcare professionals with experience and eligible job offer to apply.

  • International Graduate Category

This is particularly for those who are graduated from the recognized Canadian University has job offer from the BC employer.

  • International Post Graduate Category

Under this category, those individuals who have masters’ degree from British Colombia’s educational institution can apply. No job offer is required to become eligible.

  • Entry level and semi – skilled worker category

This category is for workers who work in semi – skilled occupation such as tourism/ hospitality, long haul trucking, food processing and other entry level jobs.

Entrepreneur Immigration

This stream is further divided into two main parts.

  • Entrepreneur Category

This category is for the business owners who can invest funds into the business.

  • Strategic Projects Category

Under this category, foreign controlled companies can settle their operation in BC and staff members can apply for permanent residence.

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