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Australia which is also known as “The Lucky Country” is a nation involving the terrain of the Australian mainland, the island of Tasmania and various littler islands. It is the world’s 6th biggest nation by aggregate territory. The neighboring nations are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor toward the north; the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu toward the north-east; and New Zealand toward the south-east. Australia’s capital is Canberra, and its biggest urban region is Sydney. Australia has the world’s thirteenth biggest economy and ninth-most per capita income (IMF). The atmosphere of Australia is essentially affected by sea streams, including the Indian Ocean Dipole and the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, which is corresponded with intermittent dry spell, and the occasional tropical low-weight framework that produces cyclones in northern Australia. Australians love to travel and inevitably many have fallen in love with a foreigner while travelling overseas and have decided to make Australia home. Australia is an extremely multicultural society. Compared with many parts of the world, Australia has a low crime rate and the community minded nature of the people makes Australia a safe place to live and raise a family. Australia has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm to hot summers. Majority of the workers who came to Australia via work Visas decide to stay permanently through Permanent Resident Visa. Australia has a high standard of education and many students come to Australia to receive a top level university education. The lifestyle of Australian is wonderful. Relaxation and time spend with Family and Friends is very important for them. Australia is a beautiful nation with wonderful cultures, arts, and traditions. There is plenty to see and experience in Australia. It is a country where most of the people in world would love to settle here.

The disparity and development that has happened in the following hundreds of years has brought about a particular Australian culture. The primary pioneers acquainted British sustenance with the mainland, quite a bit of which is currently viewed as commonplace Australian nourishment, for example, the Sunday roast. Multicultural movement changed Australian cooking; post-World War II European transients, especially from the Mediterranean, fabricated a flourishing Australian espresso culture, and the impact of Asian societies has prompted to Australian variations of their staple sustenance, for example, the Chinese-propelled diminish sim and Chiko Roll. Vegemite, pavlova, lamingtons and meat pies are viewed as notable Australian foods. Australian wine is created principally in the southern, cooler parts of the nation.

Perks of Permanent Residency in Australia

Following are the rights and privileges that are offered to a permanent resident of Australia:

    • Indefinite living in Australia
    • Can leave or enter Australia anytime in first five years
    • Australian citizenship application
    • Free access to subsidized legal & health services
    • Sponsorship for your relatives for fulfilling residence criteria & assurance of various support needs
    • Rights of applying for overseas Australian consular assistance
    • Travel, live, work and study related rights in New Zealand
    • Children born in Australia will be given Australian citizenship

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Why to Immigrate Australia?
      • Social Welfare benefits and security that Australian citizen’s receive including subsidized education system for Child dependent and healthcare benefits for the entire family
      • Live and work anywhere in Australia. Australia has low unemployment ratio (Around 5%) with a strong economy. This is a preferred destination to get settle permanently and to hunt for a new job
      • Main and Spouse dependent get the access to work in any profile (Except Public Service or Armed forces Job )
      • Apply for Australian Citizenship after meeting certain eligibility factors
      • Children born in Australia as permanent residents will become citizens by birth right
      • Can move freely from anywhere within the country
      • The right to travel to New Zealand without applying for a New Zealand visa
      • Sponsor eligible family members
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