Prince Edward Island Nominee Program

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province and is comprised of several surrounding isles. This province is popularly known as the birthplace of Canada’s federation because of Charlottetown conference. Known for its lush green and majestic land, this place is a home to burgeoning economy which is primarily centered at tourism, fishing and agriculture.

In order to choose the immigrants, this province follows PEI provincial Nominee program. This permits the applicant to get the nomination certificate which in turn allows applying for the permanent residency.

It has 3 major immigration streams namely:

PEI PNP Express Entry
This is the most common Prince Edward Island Provincial nomination program stream to apply for. This stream entertains those applicants who want to get entered in express pool and are interested in living and working in this evolving province. This stream never guarantees that all the submitted applications will be accepted or reviewed. Only those candidates will be selected who meet the current requirements of the labor and economy market of PEI.

Labor Impact Category
Only those applicants who hold the essential skills and talent can apply under this stream. It is divided into three sub categories that are:

  • Skilled worker stream

This category is for those candidates who have been hired by the PEI employer and hold some relevant experience.

  • Critical Worker Stream

This category entertains those individuals who are currently working under PEI employer and whose employers are ready to sponsor their permanent residency.

  • International Graduate Stream

Under this category, only those applicants who have graduate degree from PEI’s educational institution and have been hired by PEI employer can apply.

Business Impact Category
This stream is for those who have an ardent desire to invest in the business and contributes to the PEI economy. It has three sub categories namely 100% ownership, partial ownership and work permit stream.

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