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Why KAN Visa Directions?

As immigration consultants, we help others immigrate by following legal procedures and other relevant documentation processes. Generally, a person immigrates for any one or more of the following reasons: to live and work, study, work, or travel. KAN Visa Directions is the first-ranked immigration consultant in Delhi to assist you in meeting your immigration goal.

  • Unbeatable success rate, process knowledge & thorough understanding of Immigration law
  • No fake stories, only get the most accurate, genuine & reliable information
  • Our clients vouch for us because of our transparency level & highly satisfied client service
  • You get world-class cost-effective immigration solutions with quality & excellence
  • Avail of counseling sessions to know the pros & cons of your application, and understand how you can hold a better chance to secure your application. All Immigration professionals working with us with many years of Immigration Industry experience
  • Get visa assistance from ICCRC, MARA registered professionals to make your visa application stronger


Please note Immigration rules are subject to change. Therefore, timely submission of applications is a must. KAN Visa Directions assist you with the following service assistance:

  • Pre-assessment of the application
  • Application analysis and ensure eligibility parameters are fully met
  • Provide excellent Visa consultancy service and assist with correct procedures, forms and, fees etc.
  • Get the best tactics to prepare your application in a smart way
  • Latest updates on Immigration news
  • Avail the most realistic information to prepare your landing in a new Country

At KAN VISA DIRECTIONS, we mainly aim to understand the applicant profiles & based on their eligibility criterion, we deliver all necessary information to the applicant’s prior registration formalities completion. We believe all applicants deserve an accurate and fair explanation of their eligibility based on the skill set requirements. To process a huge amount of Visa applications every year, the Immigration and Visa Officers are required to assess all applications according to the policy requirements and process the same within a stipulated time frame. Any weak or misrepresentation of an application can negatively affect the Visa decision. Therefore, at KAN VISA DIRECTIONS, we review and evaluate applicant profiles and make them understand the aspects of Visa eligibility criteria and timely submission per the set Immigration law.

KAN Visa Directions can enhance Efficiency, Accuracy, and Effectiveness by guiding our clients through the complex process of obtaining visas and navigating immigration laws.

To assess your eligibility and explore your visa options, please call us at 8851763249 and email us your queries to info@visadirection.com

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