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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has today become a heartthrob amongst many. Due to its geographical nearness, people from India and other Asian countries seek immigration there. This Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is popular for its natural harbor and expansive skyline. It has the best tourist destinations and offers highly lucrative employment opportunities for professionalsoverseas. To work in this leading Asian economy, one needs to meet the criteria of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme. If you wish to get employed here, you may check the General Employment Policy (GEP) Program and the General Points Test (GPT). The businessmen and investors can utilize Capital Investment Entrant Scheme to enter Hong Kong for business purposes.
To apply for a Temporary visa to any Country one must satisfy the essential below mentioned criteria.


  • Affordable living– You must know that the per capita income of Hong Kong is high, which makes the living affordable. As compared to other developed countries, it offers a comfortable and an inexpensive living to the foreign nationals.
  • Social benefits– Hong Kong provides a number of benefits to its immigrants. Once you have migrated to this place, you will be automatically entitled to the social advantages of the state.
  • No discrimination– People in this nation are immigrant-friendly. You will not fall a victim to any kind of discrimination and will feel at home.

Besides the above discussed, the major benefit of migrating to Hong Kong is that its QMAS program offers employment opportunities to the professionals from overseas. It offers rewarding packages and other perks. However, a candidate is required to fulfill the criteria of Points-based Tests.

The selection mechanism of QMAS begins with fulfilling the set of prerequisites. Only when the candidates are able to fulfill the prerequisites of age, good character, financial requirement, language skills and basic educational qualification, they are awarded points under points based tests. There are generally two points based tests namely, General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test. A minimum passing mark is set for both the tests, which you can check before submitting the application.

After clearing the test, selection exercise will take place wherein, candidates are ranked according to the marks scored. High-scorers are given more privilege and their applications are shortlisted for further assessment. The Advisory Committee keeps in mind the socio-economic needs of Hong Kong and assesses the candidate on various relevant factors.In every selection exercise, the committee tries its best to allocate the quota judiciously. Note that, the minimum passing marks not always secure a quota allotment. You can check the results of each selection exercise on the website of the Immigration Department.

Once you are selected, you will receive Approval-in-Principle letter. You will be then called to Hong Kong for a personal interview and submit all the necessary documents, which will further be verified by the Immigration Department. You will be allowed to enter Hong Kong after you are issued a visa under this scheme.

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