How to settle in Canada

How to Settle in Canada from India? Canada is one of the most astonishing countries in world whose unparalleled beauty always attracts countless migrants, who want to immigrate to Canada across the globe. It is known as the immigration – friendly country due to its easy and simple immigration system.

Express Entry System

Introduced in January 1st, 2015, express entry system picks skilled professionals for the Permanent Residency visa. The selection of the candidates is based on the points based system. The points are given to the registered candidate based on their key profile factors.

If you have an ardent desire of settling in Canada then you can come down in the favor of the following immigration programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This is the most demanded Immigration program for the skilled professionals. This program has been designed by the Canadian Government to provide Canadian Immigration options to the skilled professionals. This is a point based eligibility program and it is mandatory to have occupation availability in the Occupation list of Canada.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program

This is yet another immigration program which allows the people across the globe to live and work in Quebec and contributes to its economic growth. Quebec is the centre of leading – edge industries and is planning to create almost 115,000 new jobs in innovation and knowledge sector so as to attract migrants from all over the world.

Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

This program allows the provinces to choose the immigrants who are appropriate for its economy and labor market. Every province has its own requirements and thus every province have their own selection criteria.

How to settle in Canada from India with family

Please follow the below mentioned steps –

1. Check eligibility under Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

2. Complete your ECA

3. Prepare the English language proficiency test. If the applicant has French proficiency please prepare for the test accordingly to claim points

4. Create Express Entry profile and submit EOI with most accuracy in order to get an ITA (Invitation to apply)

5. After receiving ITA apply for your Permanent Residency application

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