Apply for Canada PR Visa From India

According to a new International Survey, Canada ranked the second best Country in the World to live in. If you are too planning to get settle in Canada you require applying a Canada Permanent Residence Visa. Indian Citizenship holders receive the highest Express Entry Invitation Letters to apply Canada PR. Know how to apply for Canada PR visa from India.

Canada PR visa will permit you to reside in the country with the status of a permanent resident. After you have acquired this visa, you get the liberty to Live, Work & Study and avail entire social and governmental benefits of Canada. Also, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship later and are protected under the Canadian law.


  • Live, Work and Study anywhere in Canada
  • Avail social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage
  • After completion of a certain period apply Citizenship of Canada
  • Get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
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    How to Apply for Canada PR Visa?


    On January1, 2015 Canada has introduced Express Entry System to apply Canada PR visa. Therefore, submission of an EOI application under Express Entry System is the main step in immigrating to Canada permanently as a skilled worker.

    Express Entry is an electronically governed online system. The following streams are managing by the Express Entry system.

    Through Express Entry System the eligible applicants from any of the Immigration program can secure an ITA (Invitation to apply) from Canadian Government under the Draw rounds to obtain a Canada PR visa. In order to get an ITA, applicants require submitting an EOI application to Express Entry Pool. The applicants will rank in the Express Entry Pool through CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The CRS gives you the ranking based on the below mentioned Factors –

    • Skill
    • Education
    • Language proficiency
    • Work Experience
    • Skill transformation ability
    • Other adaptability factors

    To find out if you are eligible to apply Canada PR under Express Entry System please submit your details here to avail a FREE Visa eligibility check.

    PNP – Provincial Nominee Program –

    Every province of Canada allows a foreign national to work under different eligibility criteria’s.

    Please find below the list of Provinces to apply a Canada PR depending upon the specific eligibility criteria.

    Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

    n collaboration with CIC, QWSP works towards selecting candidates on skill basis. You can submit the required application to the government of Quebec and then submit the application to IRCC after acquiring certificate of selection (CSQ).

    Start-up Visa

    This visa is ideal for the ones looking to start up a business in Canada. All you need to show is sufficient funds to setup a business, language proficiency and other required documents. You can also check the requirements of a self-employed program to contribute to Canada’s economy.

    Family sponsorship

    Under the Family Class Immigration, you get the liberty to sponsor a few of your relatives like your spouse, common-law partner or a dependent child to Canada. The country gives this right to those who are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

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    After you have selected the right Immigration program based on your Skill set, you will have to look for the most accurate document requirements of that specific program.

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