Canada PNP – Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nomination is a crucial fast-track option for Canadian Permanent Residence.
For candidates who ought to migrate to Canada and are looking for settling in a specified province can apply through Canada Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) for Nominated candidates to settle in Canadian provinces and territories.

Every Canadian province other than Quebec that has different selection criteria and two other territories has their individual PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). The provinces and territories that participate sign an agreement with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and allow them to select immigrants who meet all their requirements they have originally set.

The basic feature of having a provincial nomination in the express entry program is that provinces can play significant and important role and give specific points (600). On 2nd January, 2015 these particular provinces have announced their varied intentions and criteria for accepting programs under express entry process.

In case of due course, announcements will follow from different provinces. Therefore, if any applicant mentions specifically any of the described provinces as his preferred province while submitting his pool application, his chances for provincial nomination positively increases. Because it is sensible for any provinces to nominate an applicant who has mentioned preferred province in their pool application.

Each and every province or territory has its own Provincial Nomination criteria. The applicant has to meet the specific eligibility criteria of Canadian province wherein the applicant wish to move to via this provincial nominee schemes.

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