Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

An applicant’s ability to establish an economic life after immigrating to Canada is done by federal skilled worker application. From 1 January 2015, FSW Canada (federal Skilled Worker) application process is dependent on Express Entry immigration Selection system for those who want to migrate to Canada.

Key Point:
With the final target of Immigrating to Canada for Permanent Resident Visa, Federal skilled worker aspirant must qualify these prominent aspects that are primarily required:

  • Having at least one year of continuous full-time or similar paid job experience in the last 10 years in any of the skilled occupation like National Occupational Classification skill 0, A, B levels.
  • Aspirant should have passed a basic level of language capability in any of the two Canadian Official Languages that are, English and French.
  • And lastly, Federal Skilled Worker (working) aspirant must get at least 67 points depending on IRCC ’s (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) immigration choice options.
Six Key Selection Components:

After fulfilling the entire minimal requirement condition positively. Our team will analyze the candidate’s application as per the selection components described in the federal skilled worker’s point grid.

The list of those six factors is as follows:

  1. Skills related to Canadian official language (English or French),
  2. Education expertise,
  3. Official work experience,
  4. Age as per documents,
  5. Arranged Employment
  6. Finally, your overall adaptability (the way you will adjust while settling there)
The Selection Criteria under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program enables individuals to migrate to Canada and establish their career in this country of opportunities. The interested candidates are required to submit an application under the Express Entry Program as Skilled Professionals. You can file an application under any one of the three programs available namely, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trade Class and Canadian Experience Class. The Citizenship and Immigration Canadahas declared to accept these applications from January 1st, 2015. After the evaluation of the submitted applications to the Express Entry Pool, the ones who fulfill all the requirements of the selection criteria’s are selected. Only after the selection, a candidate receives an invite to apply. However, one must not get confused with the selection measures under the FSW program and point system of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS limits to only ranking the applicants and selecting the best of the lot.

Selection factors and the point system

Language skills (28 points) –Under this criterion, you are required to be well-versed in one or both the Canada’s official language i.e. English and French. A candidate is evaluated on the ability to read, write, speak and listen. It is necessary to take an approved language test in order to measure the language levels. These tests are Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for English and Niveaux de compétencelinguistiquecanadien (NCLC) for French. The language test results are mandatory to be eligible for Express Entry Pool.

Listening Reading Writing Speaking Points
8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0 24 points
7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 20 points
6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 16 points
8.0 6.5 7.0 6.5 22points
7.5 7.0 7.0 7.0 23points
8.0 7.0 6.0 6.0 20points
Education (25 points)

To fulfill this criterion, you must hold a diploma or a certificate from a Canadian high school or post-secondary school while the foreign nationals must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an official agency declaring that their qualification is equal to the degree of a Canadian school.

University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal 25
University degree at the Master’s level or equal or University level entry-to practice professional degree 23
Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential 22
Post-secondary degree or diploma for a program of three years or longer, or equal 21
Post-secondary degree or diploma for two-years program, or equal 19
Post-secondary degree or diploma for a one-year program, or equal 15
Secondary school or equal diploma 05
Age (12 points)

–The points are given on the basis of your age. Under the recommended criteria of points, the privileged age is redefined from 18 to 35 bands, which is allotted 12 points. If you are over 47 years of age and have received zero points, you can still file a petition after meeting the minimum pass marks criteria.

18 to 35 years – 12 points

36 years – 11 points

37 years – 10 points

38 years – 09 points

39 years – 08 points

40 years – 07 points

41 years – 06 points

42 years – 05 points

43 years – 04 points

44 years – 03 points

45 years – 02 points

46 years – 01 points

47 years – 0 points

Experience (15 points)

Here, the points are given on the basis of your experience in full-time paid work. For this, you must have worked 30 hours per week or a part-time job of the equal number of hours. More job experience leads to more points. The Canadian government uses National Occupational Classification (NOC), which classify Occupations and describes skills & duties for different types of occupations. You must find your NOC category in your Express Entry profile to get the most suitable occupation.
1 year – 09

2 to 3 years – 11

4 to 5 years – 13

6 or more number of years – 15

Adaptability (10 points)

Maximum 10 points can be allotted to the applicant with –
Past work in Canada – in a occupation listed in skill type O or skill levels a or B of NOC

With a valid work permit

If you are immigrating to Canada with your spouse or a common-law partner then you can let them earn points too. The adaptability criterion includes the spouse’s language level in English, French or both, past study & work experience in Canada and arranged employment in this nation. If you or your spouse have a relative in Canada who is above 18 years and has a Canadian citizenship then you have chances to score better points. Further, the relative must be a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling or a niece/nephew.

Arranged employment (10 points)

–In order to apply to FSW program, you must have a job offer from a Canadian employer. The job offer must be of a continuous, full time paid work and not of a seasonal job. A valid job offer can get you 10 points and to be valid, you must be hired as a skilled worker by your employer and your work permit must be valid both at the time of applying of visa and when it is finally issued. You must know that you cannot get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) on your own. Your employer must get it for you. Also, it is important that an IRCC officer is convinced of your capability of doing a job offered to you.

The total marks are 100 and an individual is required to score at least 67 points in order to be eligible to migrate to Canada. The above mentioned points with each factor are the maximum. In addition to this, you must be aware of the fact that the selection criteria and the pass-marks are subject to change with no prior notice. Thus, you are advised to stay updated of it.

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