Immigrate to Australia

Immigrate to Australia

Australia is ranked as the 9th happiest Country in the World as per United Nations World Happiness Report. Australia is full of breathtaking nature, peace, safety, excellent education system, long lifespan, incredible most advanced cities with a stable economy.

Why Australia is one of the best Countries to Immigrate?

  • Australia’s some of the cities are world’s most developed cities with a strong economy
  • Australia has constantly growing stronger economy and Australia’s minimum wage is one of the highest paid wages in the World
  • Australia’s unemployment rate is very low, plenty of work opportunities are available for immigrants

How to apply Australian PR?

The applicants require meeting certain eligibility parameters to apply for an Australian PR application. It’s a very successful program and the eligibility is based on a point-based system – 60 points require meeting basic eligibility. The eligible applicants require completing three stages to apply an Australian PR Visa under subclass 189 and Subclass 190.

  1. Skill Assessment
  2. EOI and/or State sponsorship (If applicable)
  3. PR Visa application

You can contact KAN Visa Direction best immigration consultant to further assist you to apply your Australian PR application. To confirm your eligibility to apply an AUS PR please submit your details here:

You may also call us to speak to our Expert Immigration Consultants at: +91-11-41614300, 8851763249 

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