Top High Demand 25 Healthcare Jobs In Canada

The healthcare industry in Canada is growing rapidly, with an ageing population and more cases of long-term illnesses. Thus, there is a greater demand for Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. If you have medical training and are considering moving to Canada, applying for a Canada PR Visa might be a good idea.

Northern parts of the country need more doctors to meet the demand for healthcare services. Therefore, if you have a healthcare degree, you will likely find a job there. As healthcare becomes more complicated, there is even more need for specialists, and immigrants have the skills to fill them. It could be a good opportunity for anyone interested in healthcare.

Currently, there are many healthcare jobs opening up in Canada. A growing aging population is putting a strain on healthcare workers. Because so many older people need nurses, it’s no surprise that nurses are in high demand. So, as a nurse, it’s important to make sure your patients are comfortable and getting the treatment they need.

Other growth areas include Personal Support Workers and Medical Lab Techs who assist sick and older adults at home or in nursing homes. Many people seek jobs such as medical secretaries and pharmacy assistants. Administrative staff is also essential for running a clinic or drug store smoothly, along with healthcare IT guys who design computer systems for patient records, etc.

People interested in healthcare have lots of career options. You can pick whichever one works best for you. However, having a caring and supportive nature is important, and you need to be flexible because healthcare services run 24/7.

Why work in healthcare in Canada?

Canada is a great option for those who want to grow their career in the healthcare field. You can learn about jobs in healthcare, such as nursing, occupational therapy, health science, and management. With many programs and courses to choose from, Canada offers a strong healthcare education system.

Other Benefits

The following are some of the benefits of becoming a healthcare professional in Canada:

  • Patient interaction – These workers help many people with different health issues daily. This work helps them better communicate with others and be good leaders.
  • A consistent earnings stream – Healthcare professionals can earn more money with the right skills and training. In hospitals, it’s also common for workers to be asked to work extra hours if needed.
  • A wealth of learning opportunities – Medical science has made significant progress recently, providing many opportunities for people to enhance their skills and knowledge in the medical field.

Health Care Occupations in Demand:

Canada Occupation In-Demand List
 that is eligible for the Canada Express Entry is here:

31112 – Speech-language pathologists and auditors
31201 – Chiropractors
31110 – Dentists
31121 – Food and nutrition experts
41320 – Educational counselors
31102 – GPs and family doctors
42203 – Instructors of people with disabilities
31204 – Therapists and assessors of kinesiology
32101 – Practical nurses with licenses
32201 – Massage therapists
33101 – Lab assistants and related technical occupations
32120 – Technicians in the medical laboratory
32121 – Radiation technologists
32122 – Sonographers in medical fields
33102 – Patient service associates, nurse assistants, orderlies
31302 – Registered nurses
31300 – Nursing supervisors and coordinators
31203 – Physical therapists
31111 – Optical practitioners
33109 – Other health-related occupations
32209 – Naturopathic practitioners
31209 – Diagnostic and therapeutic occupations in health
32109 – Therapy and assessment-related technical occupations
32102 – Professions related to paramedicine
33103 – Technicians and assistants in pharmacy
31303 – Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives
31202 – Physical therapists
31200 – Counselors/Psychologists
31301 – Nursing professionals and psychiatric nurses
32103 – Clinical perfusionists, cardiopulmonary technologists, and respiratory therapists
31100 – Medical and laboratory specialists
31101 – Surgical Specialists
41301 – Counselors and related therapists
32200 – Practitioners of Chinese medicine and acupuncture
31103 – Veterinary professionals

A few ideas to help newcomers find jobs in healthcare

First, focus on improving your language skills. If you want to communicate effectively with patients and coworkers, you must be able to speak English or French well. You can do this by taking classes or practising every day. It is also helpful to listen to the radio or podcasts, read magazines and websites, and work on expanding your vocabulary.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with Canadian culture, including common beliefs and values. By doing this, you will be better equipped to provide effective patient care and work well with your team. You can pay attention to how people interact, keep an open mind, and be sensitive to others’ perspectives.

It is important to be adaptable at work, especially in healthcare, where emergencies can happen and schedules can change quickly. As a new employee, you must learn how things work and be open to different ways.

If you are worried about your workload, be bold and speak up. Healthcare is always evolving, with new tools and medicines being constantly introduced. If you want to keep up with these changes, attending conferences, reading journals, and taking courses is a good idea. This will help you be better prepared for your job and any challenges that come your way.

Becoming successful in any field requires consistent effort rather than a quick fix. However, those just starting can improve their chances by working on their language skills, understanding different cultures, and being open to change. The healthcare industry, in particular, needs various skilled and committed professionals.

Resume Skills Required for Healthcare Jobs

Here are the skills a candidate needs to update on their resume to get healthcare jobs:

  • Communicative Skills
  • Optimism
  • A time management system
  • Adaptability
  • An empathy-driven approach
  • A stress management approach
  • Detail-Oriented
  • A work-team environment
  • Procedural Guidelines
  • Patience


In what ways do Canadians access healthcare?

The Canadian healthcare system, called Medicare, is paid for through taxes. It covers medical services like hospital stays and visits to the doctor, but it doesn’t cover things like prescription medications, dental care, and eye care.

What makes Canada the best country for healthcare?

In Canada, everyone can get good healthcare through social assistance. This means Canadians can access many health services like check-ups to stay healthy, medical treatment when sick, and even medicine prescribed by a doctor.

Which country has a better healthcare system, the USA or Canada?

Canada spends a smaller portion of its economy on healthcare (10.4%) than the U.S.A. (16%). Yet, Canadian infant mortality and life expectancy measures are better than in the U.S.A.

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