Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026

On November 1st, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released a plan to invite the number of people who can live in Canada permanently.

This plan is for the next three years. In 2024, 485,000 new people will be permanently allowed to live in Canada. In 2025 and 2026, the number will be 500,000 each year.

The Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, recently announced a plan to keep the number of new immigrants coming to Canada steady. 

What is the impact of the level plan on the Canadian labor force?

Recently, the Immigration and Refugee Commission shared a new report called the Strategic Immigration Program. It talks about their updated plan for handling immigration in the next few years. This report was published on the same day as the Immigration Levels Plan for 2024-2026.

The report discusses how Canada wants to increase its workforce and create more jobs. One way they plan to do this is by welcoming more people to Canada through programs like Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, and other similar programs. These programs are designed to bring in people with the skills and experience needed to help Canada’s economy grow.

The Canadian government is working with different groups, such as other governments and organizations, to determine what skills are needed and how many people should be allowed in. This will help ensure that the right people come to Canada and can contribute to the country’s economy.

The Canadian government is trying to help newcomers settle into the country more easily. They are planning to use a new approach that will allow them to check if newcomers are getting enough support when they arrive.

They are also working with partners to make it easier for skilled newcomers to apply for jobs and for employers to recognize foreign credentials. This is all part of their Strategic Program to make the transition into Canada smoother for newcomers.

Apart from this, the organization aims to spread awareness about financial help programs, like loans, that can help newcomers get their qualifications recognized.

Healthcare and construction in Canada

Canada plans to welcome many immigrants to help fill labour market gaps and meet its National Housing Strategy. This plan aims to invest over $82 billion in the next ten years to build more houses in Canada and reduce housing costs. The construction and trade sectors will require more skilled workers to achieve this goal.

Many Canadians are worried about the state of healthcare in their country. In August 2023, Statistics Canada reported that 136,000 people received healthcare and social assistance. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers had to work extra hours without taking breaks, which put a lot of pressure on the healthcare system. As a result, some healthcare professionals became exhausted and left their jobs.

In the coming years, many Canadians will retire, and as they get older, they will need more healthcare services. Unfortunately, there might not be enough people working in the healthcare field to meet the growing demand. Although many immigrants work in healthcare, there are still many job openings to be filled.

Category-based Express Entry

In 2023, May IRCC introduced a Category-based Express Entry draw system to target a specific skill set to meet the skilled shortage. The system is designed to target Canada Express Entry candidates with a specific attribute.

Category-based draw categories:

  • Healthcare
  • STEM professions
  • Trades
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and agri-food and
  • French language proficiency

The government is organizing rounds of draws to select people who can work in jobs where there are not enough workers, like healthcare and construction. So far, they have invited 5,600 people with healthcare skills and 1,500 people with trade skills.

Along with this, Canada is planning to welcome more skilled immigrants in the coming years. 

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