Expression of Interest System In Express Entry Unveiled By Saskatchewan

Expression of Interest System In Express Entry Unveiled By Saskatchewan, Sub-Categories Of Occupations In-Demand

On 16th July, the EOI System has come into effect replacing the first-come-first-serve model of sub-categories of International Skilled Workers.

Replacing the first-come first-serve model of application, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is adopting EOI System for Occupation In-Demand Sub-Categories and Express Entry from 16th July.

In this new process, for either sub-category of International Skilled Worker, the first step is to create an EOI Profile with the online application system of “OASIS” of Saskatchewan.

Instead of favoring the quickest applicants during occasional openings, the new approach will draw candidates regularly from the ranked candidate pool. With this, Saskatchewan also stands in the same line with those Canadian provinces having employed EOI Systems.

EOI does not apply to SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program but helps in making the candidates aware that they can apply for either Occupations In-Demand Sub-Category or Express Entry.

In this process of pre-application, candidates have to fill up an online form which can assess the eligibility for the sub-category accordingly while assessing selection criteria respectively.

The Criteria include language proficiency, age, skilled work experience, training, education and the connection of the candidate to the labor market of Saskatchewan. Another criterion is to gain work experience from any in-demand occupations of Saskatchewan.

The point assessment grid used in EOI System of SINP is similar to that used in International Skilled Worker Category.

Any candidate scoring minimum of 60 out of 100 points will be able to enter EOI Pool, get evaluated on their score and after that, the candidates with highest ranks get invitation for applying with regular draws.

Saskatchewan’s EOI Process

According to SINP, priority will be given to candidates having connection with Saskatchewan in case there are many candidates having equal or similar point score. SINP says that these people have family or relative in Saskatchewan and/or past work experience and/or past student experience, and for this they receive extra score.

Those candidates having highest work experience as well as highest language proficiency score will have second most priority after the candidates having direct connections with Saskatchewan.

SINP mentions that initially minimum draws will be done every month, however judging the demand of application inventory, the frequency is to be determined, so will the invitation number issued in the each draw.

Although the EOI webpage of SINP will not show the dates finalized for draw, candidates can check their attributes and their score range.

According to SINP, occupational basis of selection of EOI will be limited to ensure that the prospects of positive employment in Saskatchewan is enhanced for selected nominees while the applications never exceed the demand of employment.

Email notification will be sent to the candidate having invitation for applying provincial nomination of Saskatchewan.

After receiving invitation, within sixty days, the complete application of provincial nomination is submitted using the candidate’s unchanged log-in information of EOI Profile.

The nominated Express Entry candidates of Saskatchewan will obtain extra 600 points to be added in their CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System score.