July 24 – Saskatchewan issues 381 invitations in Express Entry

July 24 – Saskatchewan issues 381 invitations in Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand sub-categories

The minimum required score increased by 6 points in comparison to the previous Express Entry and occupation in-demand draw held on June 20. The cut-off scores in the July 24 draw for both the sub-categories were 74 respectively versus 68 points in the June 20 draw.

Out of 381 total issued invitations, 277 were to the candidates with an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile under the province’s Occupation In-demand sub-category and the remaining 104 were to candidates with an EOI profile under the Express Entry sub-category. The eligibility of skilled workers for the immigration sub-categories are evaluated in points by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program referred to as “SINP”. In order to be eligible, the candidates must secure a minimum of 60 points for the following factors: education, work experience, and proficiency in English/French, among other factors. They must also possess work experience in one of 19 occupations listed as in-demand in Saskatchewan.

The SNIP of Express Entry sub-category is linked to Canada federal Express Entry System-the pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers. The candidates of Express Entry sub-category must register a separate EOI profile with the SNIP in order to be eligible for a nomination from Saskatchewan.

The candidates with an EOI profile are given a score out of 100 points based on the provided information. The important factors that are considered for the awarded scores of the candidates with an EOI profile: Age, Education, Skilled work experience, and Language Proficiency in English/French.

Unlike the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score for the candidate in the Express Entry pool, the score awarded under the SNIP’s international skilled worker category is different and Express Entry candidates with provincial nomination are awarded additional 600 points for their CRS score. The candidates with an additional 600 points are guaranteed an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence visa.

The occupation In-demand sub-category is aimed to bring in international skilled workers that are facing the issue of labor shortage in the province. This category is different from Express Entry, having said that the occupation in-demand candidates must also register an Express of Interest with the SNIP.

The highest-ranked candidates are issued invitations to apply for a province nomination from Saskatchewan, this is for regular draws for both the categories – The Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand.

From the beginning of 2019 through till date, the SNIP has issued a total of 2,477 invitations – 1,004 invitations to Express Entry candidates and 1,473 to Occupation In-Demand candidates.